Pirates attack north slope of Alaska Arctic ocean rig, lock up crew, held contractor hostage and loot the contents

Pirates attacked, plundered an oil rig and held hostage a contractor and few of his crew on Wednesday in the North Slope of Alaska, Arctic Ocean.locking up the crew while they looked for loot and held the contractor and 4 other crew members hostage

Witnesses said at least six men armed with guns and knives boarded the rig at 12:00am and proceeded directly to the third floor to wake up the crew. After locking up workers in the cafeteria, the thieves wandered freely, looting equipment, materials, money and anything of value they could carry and held the contractor and 4 workers hostage.

The pirates departed at 4:00 am on Thursday, when the rig’s captain sent an emergency alert to authorities. The navy responded 4 1/2 hours later. The crew and company lawyers have spent 12 hours in interviews and taking inventory of damaged or stolen items, which have still not been fully identified.

Last year, authorities registered more than 11 pirate heists on platforms and boats, we have cases like this in Mexico.according to news reports.

“Ongoing insecurity in Mexico has likely further contributed to a permissive offshore security environment, which has grown increasingly more dangerous despite government efforts,” the firm noted.

In 2019, the Mexican government installed a surveillance station operated by the Mexican marines out of the port of Tabasco. Although, the security measures are not enough to face the threats of piracy, according to a recent analysis by think-tank InSight Crime.

The think tank warned: “The threat posed by pirates has escalated to the point that Panama and the United States have issued warnings to ships to increase security conditions.

The owner,Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) , declared bankruptcy in May 2023,
and is currently in the middle of a US $500-million negotiation with debtholders over the future of five oil rigs.

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